March 15, 2014

The Forgettable day of March 15, 2014

2 Parts of 1 Story 

One would of never thought this would even see the light of day. That is only due to forgetting about it altogether and starting the next day with a fresh mindset or battling the one you had from the other day. It's called a forgettable day because after tonight, there's this mechanism where all of what happens the following day, is often forgotten (except for the important things).

He asked me to follow him for a day and to see what he battles through from day to day. I agreed and went with him, though for the life of me didn't understand the significance for it all. Along the normal routines of waking up, using the bathroom, etc.. he spoke about how tired he is. "I'm very tired man.. day in and day out is seems like the same thing. Noted I set out to change it for the better.. but I don't know." I ignored it and continued listening. He went on about his normal stresses until he was time to leave out the house and be out and about.

It helped his case a little but was still a prisoner of his thoughts. Alot of days it's normally: "I can do this, I'm setting out to do this, etc etc", but in more recent days he thinks about: "I need to start bringing in money soon, these jobs aren't hiring, Limited transportation is killing me." It was hard for me to explain to him that these hardships were building him. It was almost as if he wasn't trying to hear all that when I spoke to him about it. I about said Fuck it and let him do him.. because he was definitely killing my vibe.

I started walking away until he grabbed me, "Wait man, please don't go, I do need you." Not being the one to let someone down, I decided to stick with him.. despite his poisonous aura he was giving off with all these thoughts of his. Fast forward, was a brief period where he actually found a sense of happiness. Funny enough it was a woman that caught his eye. They had their small talks here and there but I swear.. the way they be acting.. sounds like they like one another. He told me all about it as if I wasn't there, but I was standing right there.

He was going on about if this one would be different from the others, then went back to his thoughts about not bringing anything to the table. It was around that moment the happiness died. To make manners worst, 2 things had him deep in his feelings:

1. A dog that reassembled his...who has passed on.

2. And a homeless family sitting there begging people for money.

Oh you could imagine the car ride home with a combination of anger and sadness. I tried once again to explain with him that his emotions is what is killing him and that he will remain broke if he continues to go through it. That's where he decided to stop me: "Understand that I have emotions like everyone else. There are days where I can handle it, and there's rare days like this where I can not.". I only replied that it only happens because you allow it to be that way and alot of it could be avoided. Of course, he's in his feelings so he refuses to listen to the logic I spoke to him.

We arrive at the house and I spoke about how I had to take my departure. "So...when will be the next time we will link up?" he asks. "Soon man, and don't worry.. I will be sure to tell them about this day. I will tell your story." The forgettable day of March 15, 2014.

**To Clarify**

"I" was never another person, and He.. was I. This is both the positive and negative side of me. I spoke in different angles to show that I am human.. and have hopes that this writing conveys the more Human side. I speak positive things, but there are times I can't always control my thoughts and feelings. But again.. it's what makes me.. Human.

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