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I figured I would need me one of these to showcase a little bit about myself and the whole purpose of the site. I was born in (insert a long story), and here I am today lol. Basically I have been putting it off for a long time about being a writer, but never really could focus on a single niche. I spent most of my time doing just that, and because of doing so I have lost alot of time and ground just thinking about it.

One of the most influential things I had seen was a convo speaking about someone in a similar predicament. The most simple thing that resonated with me was this: "You are a writer, you just need to write." So a few hours later This blog came along. And....now comes questions lol:

Yea so, what exactly is a err... "Yangscholar"? Where did the name come from?
Basically it's a 2 part word I decided to mesh together into one. Yang by definition (Chinese) is 1/2 of the duality symbol known as the Yin/Yang symbol. Yang represents of a positive light, male figure. Scholar on the other hand is a student who specializes in having profound knowledge of a particular subject. Put it together, I'm a specialist that provides a positive light lol

That's cool, so what can I expect to see from your blog?
All types of things. I love Video games so naturally that will be my main topic. However, I've grown highly fascinated in terms of Internet Marketing, so I will definitely talk about that and my ventures as a marketer. You know what that means, MOTIVATIONAL STUFF INCOMING haha. Nah, but if i can help provide information that can help others then hell, That's what I'm going to do. I'll try to keep them balanced :)

Internet Marketing!? Oh great, you going to be another one of those spammers talking to everyone about your "grand" opportunity?
LOL, no that won't be me. Yes I will talk about whatever programs I am in, and if you want to join under me then you can hit me up. But I will never, and repeat... NEVER go headhunting people down and be like: "OH SHIT, YOU NEED TO JOIN MY OPPORTUNITY RIGHT NOW!!" haha. I figure it's better when people come to me and ask for more information.. works better that way :)
I saw you cursed, so.. does this mean you will be cursing in some of your writings?
Perhaps , I will try to limit it but... if it fits the bill, then damnit i'm writing it. In case you were wondering, no it doesn't mean that I have a inadequate vocabulary. It does however mean that I want my writings to feel REAL, and not another ordinary writer. People will just have to respect me on that level, even though I can convey messages just as efficiently without the use of curse words. It.. just feels better haha

Will you respond back to people's comments?
I will try to respond to as many as I possibly can. I figure since you guys took the time out to read my stuff and make an extra effort to comment, The least I can do is to comment back. Sounds fair right?

So what will your topics be again?
I...was pretty sure I answered this before but, it will be about gaming, internet marketing, things I believe will help people, and even sometimes random stuff. To me, knowing that my words have made people laugh, educated, or even motivated a few people to do something constructive like follow their dreams? Best feeling in the world.   


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