December 21, 2013

Thoughts of the Night 12/22/13

"This one comes with a conversation discussion lol"

     I will spare names as usual because I don't want any type of dislike or ill will going towards the person (or perhaps even me). As I was unwinding playing a little bit of street fighter, someone decided to reach out to me via facebook. Noted, I'm going back and forth between the PC and console every now and again to see what it was all about. Long story short, I was treated to a rather lengthy dialogue about why I haven't been writing in the terms he/she was talking about (yup.. gender stealth.. lol).

As the conversation went on, I had alot of reasons as to why I didn't write gaming articles anymore. no offense to him/her... but I was just tried of being that guy. What I really wanted to write is more or less right here. Many of questions that came to mind was mainly "Hey are you getting paid writing about these articles?"or "Hey I see you don't post about those articles anymore, what happened?" I'd answer the questions as best I could (given the time they were asked), but it was like I couldn't avoid them if I wanted to.

Even at the time of me writing this article, I'm slowly being convinced to come back and write for the website. I would, but alot of me just doesn't want to write about gaming for right now. the weirdest part about all this he/she doesn't even know that my blog even exist. I haven't given up writing, I just choose a different path in the direction I wanted to go. Eventually the people who have been wondering about me and writing will know.. just.. not right now.

As far as updates go, I've recently dropped my recent article that has people vibing as far as relations go. I'm  thinking of dropping part 4 of the Letters to the past around... New years ish. Seems appropriate for a final chapter. I have some ideas but I'm looking around to see if there isn't more ideas I can rack up in the days to come.. (I'm sure christmas will give me a host of new ones lol). That's about it for the updates.. and as usual I try to keep things pretty updated. If you found this article, feel free to check some of my other works :)

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