December 8, 2013

Thoughts of the Night 12/9/13

"Explanation of my writing hiatus" 
**For those of you just browsing around, feel free to have a look at my other Post**

     Now I know whenever I go on my hiatuses, I often forget about the whole "coming back" portion. While it's not to say I don't enjoy writing, but between being out on business and having a bit of writer's block could be alot of the reason of why I haven't been writing anything in the last few days. Matter of a fact, 2 days ago I actually sat for a good 2 hours trying to figure out what to write. I soon hit the conclusion that I rather not write if my heart isn't in the topic I'm talking about. I've read other people's work and I could tell when some of them are rushed.

But enough of that, time for a bit of updates. I've decided on at least put out 2 writings out every week. Enough where there can be some time to have them thought out, but not enough for them to seem rushed. Of course I could of waited till new years to start this, but I'm a bigger fan of just starting now (well working on that part). Also, I have been thinking of how I wanted to approach my Part 4, the final piece to my "Letters to the past" segment. In a way it's suppose to see how they all make sense and come together. Since i received alot of positive feedback from my "Letters of that "Guy friend", I've considered doing a piece from a female's perspective. Who knows... that idea is still a bit on the drawing board.

I figure I'd just give an update for those who have been wondering why I haven't posted anything in a few days. Battling through this writer's block can be a real pain, but I'm sure it will subside and I'll be flowing with new ideas throughout the week. For those who are just browsing through, please take the time to look at some of my other works. In the meantime, off to sleep I go.

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