December 11, 2013

The "I feel you" phrase.

"What they really mean."

Throughout the day you have a few conversations, wherever it be with friends, potential cutty buddies, customers, boyfriend/girlfriend... etc. And along those conversations, you know you feel yourself saying "I feel you" at one point or another. Alot of people don't pay attention to it because it is heard so commonly today that it almost doesn't register it's even being said. Trust me, It's been a lot of times through a day to day talks that I've even said it or had some friends say it back at me. You know what, I have example for JUST such an occasion.

I'll leave names out to be fair. Anyways I had one woman who had sat down with me and went through her life story with me. Of course it was about how guys did her wrong and she's sick and tired of it (though she made it a habit to go right back to them anyways.) What I really wanted to say was "I don't care about none of that shit you talking about." However, I had to say something so it doesn't come off as rude, so .. "I feel you". This doesn't mean I'm a asshole, rather when you hear about the same thing every other day for the past month, you can't expect one to be as patient as they once were. Now if you're married.. that's a bit different (and you kinda knew what you signed up for when you said "I do.") , but still.. the "I feel you" phrase can get you far.

There are times where that can backfire. I had another friend who was beginning to catch on what I was doing when we having one of our quick chats while we were on lunch break. I was just tired and didn't want to do much talking but she insisted on talking. So naturally, I used "I feel you." in hopes that you know.. would get me by. Then she asked "Oh you feel me huh? what are we talking about then?" . I felt like a deer caught in headlights when she popped the question. She knew I wasn't paying attention but she laughed it off regardless. Even so, you have to be careful on when you use it, because while at most times you probably don't care, it's better to appear engaged just to avoid the backlash from not paying attention in general.

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