November 30, 2013

Letter from that "Guy Friend"

"Why can't she choose me..?"

Dear to whoever I'm trying to cuff up,

     Hey, it's me.. your friend. You know, the one you decided to friend-zone and have this feeling like you can "tell me anything". In some aspect, yea you can.. and I was hoping to play the turtle until your feelings grow more towards me.. but I honestly don't know. I've seen some instances in which some people making it out of that zone and be the one you end up loving. However, I am educated enough to know that not everyone will make it out of the friend-zone.

I remembered one day you came to me crying about some bull that the guy your boyfriend did to you. I told you that everything will be alright and to forget about him. That was stupid on my part, I know you'll end up going back to him, but I try to pretend and entertain the thought like maybe she'll leave him and I'll get the chance I deserve. But whatever, I'll keep hearing this same old shit on a different day. Don't take this personal, I genuinely care about you. Why else do you think I took the time to know who you are, the things you like, the things you want out of life, etc? I took that time out because I again, I do care.

As a wise friend once said, "you will only suffer as much as you want to." I may of been upset, shed a tear, or damn near break down, but there will come a point where I stop caring. I'm not being cold-blooded, but there may potentially be a better woman out there for me as you keep telling me. Oh you don't remember? You don't remember "I can't wait to meet the girl who is going to make you happy?" deal? I do, and when you left, I just found that whole saying laughable. I thought I did meet the girl that made me happy, but when I went about trying to tell you wasn't trying to hear all that.

The response I got out of you was some of the following:

* Oh I like you but... (insert whatever excuse)* You are a really good friend to me and I don't want mess with our relationship (bs)* Lets just remain friends and see what happens (this is normally the "I'll deal with this later" phrase)* You're like family/a brother to me. (kiss of death)
So to conclude, you asked me what I feel like or what's wrong with me. I will gladly tell you now. I don't like that guy that you are with, I want to give this dude a ground-breaking ass whopping for all the shit he has done to you, I should be your man, and I sit and wonder who you can't see that. Even if it is guys you are messing with, note this.. and I say firmly I don't give a FUCK about them.  All I really want to hear is when you are giving me a chance. If I mess up, then fine.. it will be on me. But neither one of us will know if we don't try.

"Guy Friend"

P.S - I may come off as upset, but I'm just saying what needed to be said.   

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