November 11, 2013

Next Gen console war...simplified

 "The decade long battle continues on."

    Can't tell you how many times I have walked into the arguments of.. "Oh yea, PS4 is going to be this" or.. "No, Xbox 1 is going to be better because of this" . Matter of a fact, it was last week where there was a 300+ comment debate about it. Now note, I'm threw it out there that I'm going with the PS4 for my specific reasons, but I never trashed the Xbox One on the fact that the entertainment value it is bringing to the home (even if you have most of it already).

The way I looked at the console wars has always been simple. At times when rolling through Gamestop, I get asked "well what system do you think is better?". My answer takes people by surprise: "Well, it's really a manner of preference. Some favor the PS4, while others favor the XBO. To be completely honest I don't really look at which one is better than the other anymore, but rather does it fit the needs of what I'm looking for in a next gen console. PS4 to me fits the bill because of the exclusives that will come out in the new future. However, perhaps down the line I may purchase a XBO as well, off the strength of the entertainment as well as some of the exclusives I may not find on the PS4."

People smile and nod like "Oh shit, I get it now" haha. Notice that I didn't throw specs at them, the resolution of most games, server space, or online functionality (even though that is somewhat important). No one is trying to hear all that, or at least the average joe. What they do care about, is what is good for them and/or are their friends getting it. I used to be the latter until I realized that shit goes on in people's lives, so.. I always make friends as I go, no matter what console it's on.

So in conclusion, if you want to buy either system, buy what fits you. Both companies have had their their share of triumphs and their share of fuck ups. It's just a manner of what you feel like sitting down and playing with more after a long day.

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