November 22, 2013

Writing Sanctuary

"The therapy of my thoughts."
     I've spoke about writing for the longest time, but the thing that always stopped me was myself. The timing wasn't right, I didn't do enough to even warrant me writing, or having too much to do were the excuses I clinged heavily to. It was then I realized that I needed some places where I could just write out the things I had in my head. I would be a hypocrite if I said I didn't do this for fame or money. In time I wish to acquire both these things, but in moderation. For now, this is strictly a form of therapy. Sometimes I have thoughts and stories roaming in my head that I feel need to be written.

Hell, it was even said that a youtuber by the name of "hotdamnirock" mentioned that when he was making his videos, he was just doing it in the form of therapy. He never intended for his videos to be as big as they are now. I think it was because of that purpose alone that I've became a huge fan of him. Despite the the huge fuss over some of his videos being stolen material, I knew the intent of it and even so.. I still followed him. But off that, My sanctuary is my blog. I know I can write as much as I want and will eventually have others who can relate along with me and push this thing forward.

Wherever I blow up or not (though I set out to be successful), Still.. I have my blog.. my thoughts, and the keyboard as the middle-man to bridge the gap. The funny thing is, up till this point, I've been very secretive about my whole writing thing, because I just felt it wasn't the time to do so yet. I may perhaps make it more noticeable after I'm done with my 4 part series to the Letters of the past. Who knows really, but we shall see what the future holds for you guys (the readers) and I.

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