November 12, 2013

Tribute to a 21 year old Anime

"A Series much deeper than on the surface"
     It actually felt good to go back and have the privilege to watch this anime again. At first, it was nice to watch it at night, for the nostalgia feel. You know, for those who are 20+ who couldn't wait to get home and watch Toonami (The OLD Toonami. I have no clue what this new one is doing) for the next 2 hours? Yea. it was amazing back then. However, I will admit back then I only watched bits and parts, not knowing all that has happened.

Fast forward to maybe 2 weeks back, I decided to take this trip down memory lane. Back to the good old days where anime was great and actually had a message within their story to tell. Now this isn't to say that the newer ones aren't that great, just not nearly as strong as the ones back then. Watching episode after episode (when I was able), made me realize there was much more to this show than just the fighting. Perhaps me growing up may have something to do with this but, it was really inspirational throughout the whole way.

Back then, it was just cool to watch them go in with the powers they had and to knock someone's block off, but.. there was more of a reasoning behind it all, the overall goal. The goal was either to protect someone, or prevent the destruction of the human world in some way. The story wasn't spotty in any place and it was very easy to follow. It's like they were indirectly educating us to dig very deep into ourselves to realize our potential, even at times pass it.

Another thing they taught was while it is indeed better to plan things out, you need to be even quicker on your feet. Kurama had the gift of being able to plan things out in multiple scenarios, while Yusuke excelled more as things were happening. Both were honorable traits in their own right. There are more inspirational moments within the series, but I think this video would make the best sum-up of it:

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