November 15, 2013

5 Tips of being a writer

"Putting your thoughts on paper."
With a few blog post, why would I write something that like this right? Well, train to popular thought.. I have been writing off and on for some time now. I even had the privilege to work with some websites such as Digitial Noob (which is now apart of EGM), Yeousch (Big Youtube network), and Put That Back (The owner having more experience than you could shake a stick at.). Throughout the journey I have learned alot through writing editorials for them. But one thing that kept coming up when people would read my material "How do I become a writer?"

I had the weirdest beginning, considering to the fact I didn't like to write at all period lol. I didn't take a sense of writing until I was on myspace (when it was thriving). I met this girl who was role-playing a certain character... and she kinda got me interested in trying it. Fast forward, I had done it for a year and half and made a slew of new friends (sadly only one I was able to keep somewhat contact with to this day). Anyways the point I'm trying to make is that I had grown in my writing skills.

Why? It was in something I generally took an interest and over time, used it to nab me a spot at DigitalNoob as a writer. Fast forward to now, people just see me as the guy who magically came out and write about my passion, video games. Little did they know my start was well.. weird for most lol.

The best things I could tell you if you wanted to be a writer is this:

* If you feel like you have something to say to people, say it.

* There is no "BEST" start. I struggled with this for quite some time until I needed some type of outlet. Just start and let things build.

* Your crowd will come in due time, be patient, and write about what you want to write about.

* Consistency and patience is the name of the game. However I will be the first to say I won't write unless I feel like I have something to say.

* HAVE FUN. Geez, people be treating writing like it's something complicated. Some of the biggest writers weren't strong at all in grade school.. but boom.. they make a considerable living doing what they love to. They have fun in doing it.

My short tips for you. even if I'm not viewed as a big writer (yet), still.. I can at least pass on some of the things I learned over time.

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