November 28, 2013

Thoughts of the night 11/29/13

"An Update with thoughts"

     **Thank you readers for taking the time out to read my material, I really do appreciate it. If you guys share or comment on my stuff, I would love to give you guys a shoutout. I'm not a damn thing without your guys/gals support. Thanks :D**

     I know it's been a little bit since I have really written anything. Truth be told I been reading and thinking for the last few days. At first I was wondering if should focus my blog into something more into one subject... but then realize I don't like doing that at all. When I was writing for gaming websites, it was like I enjoyed doing it for a little while, then I got the notion to write about something completely different. It's not to say that I can't be consistent, but rather I will have my days where I literally be sitting here for hours on end not knowing what to write about.

I also took the time out to come up with a few suggestions I want to write about.. and I think they are really worthy of being talked about. On another note, one was wondering if these ToTN (Thought of The Night) things are even needed.. but I made a promise to stay as genuine as possible. But off that for a moment, part 3 of the Letters to the past will be up in a few days. I had to really sit down and figure out how exactly I wanted to attack that writing. That, and the fact that gaming took over most of the time. So.. in a nutshell:

* Part 3 of Letters to the past will be up soon
* New topics will be up as well, perhaps one going up by 12/1/13
*Considered a bit of focus for blog, but like being kept where it is.

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