February 9, 2014

Dreams of One

Dreams, are they alive or dead?

     To whom this may concern... lets sit down and talk a little bit. You have dreams, don't you? we all have them. But the biggest question is.. how is it that some dreams come true and alot of others do not? Well.. that's what we came to figure out. Roaming around this earth..a person's upbringings can determine a fair amount to wherever or not they are going to achieve their dreams. I've seen those who have had the least and end up having the most.. and those who have the most.. ending up having the least. It's not the truth in all cases.. but that seems to be the trend going on.

What does this have to do with you though? Well.. lets see what you dream is. What is it that you really want to do? When you figure it out.. write it down and place it where you can see it. If you aren't writing it down, then it can be forgotten in the same minute that you thought it up. What will make you different? People can talk about their dreams all day long.. until they are doing something to make it happen. One can only hope you can have some understanding of this man's dreams.. so you can perhaps focus your vision.

This guy decided to do something that alot of people have this huge stigma against. People really believed that he was out to scam people so he could make a quick buck.. but it was never the case. He always mentioned that he wanted to make money doing the things he loved to do and needed a vehicle to get him there. The funniest part.. is that he did find it.. but again.. it was something not alot of people agree with.

He started a business.. and with a reasonable fee for the benefits he was receiving.. it was a no-brainer. However, he needed to share this with other people and get them to sign up in order to make some money. As he showed people, people were telling him no left and right, and/or saying that they would wait till he made some money first. Fast forward, he was having a difficult time getting people to sign up.. but he never quit.. because he knew exactly what was at stake.

His dream.. was to become financially free so he could have the funds to jump start and fuel his other interests. Not only that.. but to make sure his parents could rest easy and be able to quit their jobs. He was hoping for people to understand that and pray that other people would want that for themselves. He said that it was alright and will do whatever it took until he achieved his dream.

You will meet up with alot of resistance in trying to reach your goal, but you need to keep moving forward. This society is walking around with a grand amount of broken dreams and some people are going out their way to restore them. Not everyone is seeing the same thing however. So guard your dream, take action.. and keep pushing, because eventually.. your dream will be realized one way or the other.

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