January 10, 2014

2014 Directions

"Still in the brainstorming stages"
     I've said around the last few days of 2013 that I was planning to change the direction of my blog. Then I however would of back to the original statement that I made when I first started. I stated that I would write whatever I want in hope that I built some fans along the way. That was what I wanted, but over time...my overall view of things have changed slightly.

While yes, I would love to continue writing whatever I please, I feel personally that this blog needs to have some type of focus. What would it be more based on..? Would it be more on my life stories? motivation? gaming? Business? All these things I've sat and contemplated about whilst working on my part-time fortune and getting my life together. That is one of the main reasons you haven't seen a writing from me in a while.

I had planned to expand out to find other places that would have a service for my writing talents, but.. I'm still figuring that all out. I don't want to waste too much time thinking, for that brings alot of missed opportunities. "Well....You have the rest of the year right..?" Yes and no. I do have time but on the flip side, I don't and need to start building up something now. What is it do I want to be known for writing wise?

These are some of the thoughts I have.. but here is some of the things in a nutshell of what I plan to accomplish:

* A more focused approach on the theme of the blog, while writing other small topics on the side.
* Expand out to have a Facebook page dedicated to not only my works, but others I find interesting.
* Connect with other Bloggers to make a post on their Blog (pending on subject)

So yea...I still have some more planning out do. And yes.. I'm still alive lol.

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