April 25, 2014

Free to Play People Cry Pay to Win

Calm down with all that "P2W" stuff.

Normally I've ignored the countless comments of free players... because at some points, their opinion is valid. However, there are some games that some people have screamed "Pay to Win" in which case they aren't. I'll take for instance one of the games I've played in the past, 9dragons. Alot of people swore up and down back in the day that the game was a pay to win type deal. Yes.. leveling took forever and a day (when I had more time, it took roughly 10 hours to get one level in the game.. in the 50s), however, it wasn't necessarily a pay to win. They had exp boosters, HP pots, etc.. but nothing necessarily game breaking. Not saying that I was a top player or anything but.. I held my own as a free player.

Next game is Ghost Recon Phantoms. similar to 9dragons, people swear this game is a pay to win. Coming from a free player's perspective..not once has it ever been difficult to be top of the leaderboards. Basically where I'm heading at is that not all free2play games are pay2win. If you must know, they make it free to play so they can have more of a player base, and try to find incentives within the game to get you to buy from their item mall. because alot of companies are having success with this model, alot of games are switching over to the free to play model for that same purpose. Not to say Pay to play models are dead, but from a business standpoint.. free to play games are becoming more favorable to them.

Please understand, these gaming companies are a business first and foremost. If they didn't have those players that buy into the item mall, about how long do you really think the game servers will stay up? If it's not making them money then it definitely don't make sense. Bare that in mind while your crying you are having a difficult time beating the pay2win players. I digress, because it's been times in the past I've complained about those very same players....until I grew up and understand business a little more.

Moral: Calm down with crying Pay to Win, because without those players...you wouldn't have a game to play. Either you suck it up and play the game, or find another lol *rant end*  

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