April 16, 2014

300 Directions As Told by Yangscholar

My mind makes more moves than my actions at times.

It seems to be the motion about every time it gets closer to the evening time. My thought process goes haywire and I tend to think about all the things I would like to do. What doesn't help however.. is the fact that I often have this issue of having these type of.. negative feelings. For example: "I'm not where I want to be, don't have enough money for ish, Don't go out a whole lot, etc." That's the sugar coated version but you get the gist of it. The title "300 Directions" is appropriately named for my thoughts. It's like going to eat food when you are stuffed, it's difficult as hell. My mind roughly works about the same way.

But there's more to that than merely expressing "yea, I got alot of my mind". Heck, compared to other people's lives, I got it pretty easy. However, to me.. not progressing is always been a huge pet peeve I have. Don't get it twisted, it's not even like "Oh, I need this all to happen overnight". It's more along the lines of "I like the feeling of moving towards something." if that makes any sense. I just like feeling like I'm progressing to something, not standing still. But anyways, here are some a few short points about where my mind goes at.

That's a given. I don't look at it like I got a love for it. I look at money more so as a tool and is very appreciative of what it can do for me. I just want to be able to do more things than what I'm currently doing, that's all lol


This was actually a touchy subject with me believe it or not. So many people be like "You should be a writer, you write very well, etc". True facts, I was never really confident in my writing.. but I always found some odd joy in it the older I got. I hear what people said.. but in retrospect I figured the length of what I write so thought "Yo.. who is really reading this?". There's that the variety of content. I find it hard to focus on a particular subject (aka gaming what people knew me as). One day I want to want write about gaming, next about life, then something about business related subjects. It's that constant switching that this blog is even born.

It's just a manner of what I would want to do competitive. I've played enough games for over 2 decades to be just dive into whatever I have an interest in and be fairly a strong player. I've watched over the past 3-4 years and definitely see there's some money to be had in gaming, but in order to do that I would have to put in the hours and work my way up. I mean I enjoy playing video games, why not cake up while having fun and meeting new folk?

Martial Arts

Always wanted to get back into it on the sheer fact that it gave me a peace of mind and to the fact I enjoyed it. It's more or less a money thing than anything else. The irony is I know who to go to, just... the money lol.

This is just a few that goes on in my mind. there's more pressing manners but I figured I highlighted the ones that I constantly think about. 300 Directions is an exaggerated name for a fitting title, meaning I think about alot of things constantly. I only hope someone can relate.

In A Nutshell:  I think about alot of things and shared a few of what they are.

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