December 4, 2013

The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 8 thoughts.

"The episode to question Morals."  

*** Contains spoilers, do not read unless you don't care and want to know. ***
     I have just got finished watching the mid season finale of the hit show "The Walking Dead.". Understanding I'm a bit behind the curve, I had to be sure what people were raving about. Actually it got rather depressing when people asked if you watched it and all you can really say is no. Well, I actually had the time to watch it and here are some of my thoughts about it. Please note they aren't in any particular order:

* Damn, Hershel...I actually expected you to die off via infection of the leg (even with your leg being cut off), but I didn't expect you to well.. get your head chopped off.

* FINALLY THE GOVERNOR IS DEAD.....or is he? they didn't really specify apart from a gun-shot. Lilly may of opted not to shoot him. But then again.. he did shoot her daughter. Weighs more heavily on him dying.

* Just now realized that Lilly was in correlation between the Novel and the game made by telltale games. Why they have different last names... is beyond me.

* Damn... Judith. That's all I can really say in that regard.

* Watching Rick and Carl become emotionally distraught...almost made me bust a tear.

* The girl who got popped by the kids.. I know her morals were challenged. Like.. would you shoot living kids to survive and live another day, or... will you hesitate and run the risk of them taking your life?

* Maggy, Sasha, and Bob got left... that's fucked up lol.

* Sasha may be feeling some type of way about bob now.. since you know, he helped save her life with the meds and what not.

* The military guy that got shot with an Arrow. he can finally be with his brother.. figuratively speaking.

* Are they going to Macon to meet either Lee or Morgan? Just something I've wondered for some time. If the time line makes sense, they'll make it around the time Lee was in Macon.

That is all the thoughts that I have currently on it. All we can really do is just sit back and watch what happens in the 2nd half of the season. I only pray it's not going to be more dragging it out till the season finale where everything pops off. They should be doing that every episode. Of course that's my opinion, where as everyone elses could be different (still loving the show regardless).

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